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♥♥Life not always happen like you have planned.. Everyday there will be surprises happening in your life.. Treasure it.. Appreciate it.. It may not always happen.. And maybe will not happen again..♥♥

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Stupidity and anger

I just should say 'yes' just now! Damn! Now I'm left out alone just listening to firework and the noisy fan, not forgotten, regretting for playing 'malu-malu'. F*** it! Damn! It was a chance to show that I'm serious. And now it wasted. Sometimes dumbness is really irritating! I hate to be alone now. I started to think nonsenses! Grrrrr! Arghhhh. This is really annoying! 

And you! If you really meant it, you should ask for the second time! Okay, I'm procrastinating and start to blame you as well. Okay, I got it. I'm the one to blame. But why couldn't you ask for the second time you idiot! Hahahahaha. Laugh to my own silliness. I'm a mad woman now. Damn!  And you don't even bother to reply my message. Nice move young man. That's very nice of you.

P/S: tomorrow is the first day of raya. Yes you have asked before, but you don't even ask again?! I will give you chance until tomorrow morning. If you still playing hard to get, serves both of us right. I don't want to care about it anymore. I've been declining invitation, waiting for yours. Stupid right? Tomorrow morning. No news about it? I will not bother anymore. That's right. Let me go back in irritation, I'm quite stubborn and hard headed, try me. FYI, this just make me want to go away from here as soon as possible! This is really annoying and irritating. Gahhhhhhh!!! Annoy me more, I will annoy you even more. Stupid! Idiot!

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